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Boring, moi? Geneva fights back!

Geneva, Switzerland’s second city, is known as a hub of worldwide diplomacy and banking. Added to the fact that it’s in Switzerland, which has a reputation fot being a bit, well, unexciting. And rich, therefore expensive. So basically, not very enticing in terms of a weekend break. However, I’ve been to Lucerne before and wasContinue reading “Boring, moi? Geneva fights back!”

Come walk with me to Dorchester-on-Thames

It’s walking time again while the UK weather holds out. Today I’m back on the glorious Thames Path, exploring a new stretch of my favourite walkway along our most famous river. I’m going from Benson to Dorchester on Thames, a distance of around 4 miles, but unfortunately as I don’t have a chauffeur I’ll thenContinue reading “Come walk with me to Dorchester-on-Thames”

Travels in the North – Yarm

It’s the last leg of our road trip, and we’re heading south, leaving Northumberland behind and driving down to Yorkshire. On the way, there’s something I want to see. The Angel of the North, designed by Anthony Gormley, stands 20 metres high and 54 metres wide just off the A1 in Gateshead. It’s hard toContinue reading “Travels in the North – Yarm”

Travels in the North – Northumberland

The emptiest part of England, Northumberland is the place to escape if you’re not that keen on people, so I’m surprised the husband hasn’t brought me here before now. There are only 62 inhabitants per square kilometre here, compared with an average of 275 for the UK as a whole. It’s renowned for being desolateContinue reading “Travels in the North – Northumberland”

Travels in the North – Berwick

The English and the Scots fought for centuries over Berwick-upon-Tweed, so I figure it has to be worth a visit. The northernmost town in England sits in a strategic position where the River Tweed meets the sea. Berwick’s role as a border fortress led to enormous sums being spent on fortifications during the reign ofContinue reading “Travels in the North – Berwick”

Travels in the North – Stockbridge

There’s always something new to discover in any great city, so we’re making the trek up to Edinburgh again with high hopes. However, we arrive feeling grumpy – the rain has been biblical all morning, making our scenic coastal drive a total washout. The most entertaining part of the journey is gaping at the hordesContinue reading “Travels in the North – Stockbridge”

Travels in the North – Durham

The city of Durham in the North of England is renowned for its Norman castle and cathedral, standing high and proud above a loop in the River Wear in County Durham, the Land of the Prince Bishops. It’s also where I went to university to study French and German, more years ago than I likeContinue reading “Travels in the North – Durham”

A shopping trip to post-lockdown London

The husband wants to go shopping in the Big Smoke. Normally I would groan and try to wriggle out of accompanying him. Today, after our recent trip to a very quiet Palermo, I feel that I should go and assess how things are going in London in the wake of coronavirus. The train to PaddingtonContinue reading “A shopping trip to post-lockdown London”

Travels in my neighbourhood: Henley on Thames

I decided to write a blog about Henley because I drove there spontaneously on a sunny afternoon and was so heartened to find it was busy despite the pandemic. After visiting Windsor recently and finding it dead on its feet, I felt a huge sense of relief. Yes, we all want to stay safe, butContinue reading “Travels in my neighbourhood: Henley on Thames”

Palermo part 2 – In the swing of things

We awake on day two in Palermo full of renewed purpose. It’s a strange privilege to explore a European city that is largely bereft of tourists, like going back to the 1970s when we went away with our parents, and we need to make the most of it. A continental breakfast overlooking the rooftops ofContinue reading “Palermo part 2 – In the swing of things”