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Come walk with me in Wallingford

Heard of Wallingford? Probably not, but in the Domesday Book of 1085 it was named as one of only 18 towns in the country with more than 2,000 inhabitants. Wallingford was BIG in the middle ages. Founded in the 9th century at the lowest point of the Thames, a natural fording place, it still hasContinue reading “Come walk with me in Wallingford”

A date with Shakespeare in Stratford

One of the great things about middle age is that it’s no longer necessary make any attempt towards coolness. I can happily admit that I’m a Shakespeare fan – it’s quite OK to be a geek at my age. To celebrate this situation, I’m heading to Stratford-upon-Avon for the first time today to indulge myselfContinue reading “A date with Shakespeare in Stratford”

Travels in the North – Yarm

It’s the last leg of our road trip, and we’re heading south, leaving Northumberland behind and driving down to Yorkshire. On the way, there’s something I want to see. The Angel of the North, designed by Anthony Gormley, stands 20 metres high and 54 metres wide just off the A1 in Gateshead. It’s hard toContinue reading “Travels in the North – Yarm”

Travels in my neighbourhood: Henley on Thames

I decided to write a blog about Henley because I drove there spontaneously on a sunny afternoon and was so heartened to find it was busy despite the pandemic. After visiting Windsor recently and finding it dead on its feet, I felt a huge sense of relief. Yes, we all want to stay safe, butContinue reading “Travels in my neighbourhood: Henley on Thames”

Market Harborough – a middle class fairy tale

That’s according to the Sunday Times anyway, which included this market town in Leicestershire on a list of the top 50 places to live in the UK. So why am I here? Agreed, it’s a bit of a random choice for a weekend break. But I live in Berkshire, my friend Bev lives in Yorkshire.Continue reading “Market Harborough – a middle class fairy tale”