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Palermo part 2 – In the swing of things

We awake on day two in Palermo full of renewed purpose. It’s a strange privilege to explore a European city that is largely bereft of tourists, like going back to the 1970s when we went away with our parents, and we need to make the most of it. A continental breakfast overlooking the rooftops ofContinue reading “Palermo part 2 – In the swing of things”


Palermo part 1 – Positivity pays off

We don’t get off to a great start in Sicily’s capital, Palermo. Our taxi driver can’t get his card machine to work so he hauls the husband off to find an ATM. Our hotel, the Porta Felice, is down a tatty backstreet and the welcome from the front desk is underwhelming. It’s as hot asContinue reading “Palermo part 1 – Positivity pays off”

A bonus break in Mondello

Mondello is a happy accident. We were booked for three nights in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, but reductions to the BA schedule meant that our Thursday flight was cancelled. You can still fly out on Tuesday or Friday, I was told. Ha! One night fewer or two nights more…what do you think I decided,Continue reading “A bonus break in Mondello”