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Stonehenge – the most famous circle in the world

Today I’m travelling in both space and time. A mere seventy miles west of home in the car, but a momentous 5,000 years back into our history. A few miles on foot too. Anyone who thinks they can park up at Stonehenge and do a quick loop around the circle is in for a shock.Continue reading “Stonehenge – the most famous circle in the world”

Salisbury loves Lizzie

Today I’m heading to Wiltshire, to the medieval cathedral city of Salisbury. Believed by many to be the loveliest town in Britain, it hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in September 2018, with the Novichok poisonings of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. Are you sure it’s safe? asks the husband, proof that mud sticksContinue reading “Salisbury loves Lizzie”

Monkey business on The Rock

No, I’m not blogging about Dwayne Johnson. It’s day two of our Gibraltar trip and I’m just itching to see those monkeys who’ve made their home up on the Rock! Even from our perch high above the town it’s obviously going to be a long hike to the top. We fuel up on nice, creamyContinue reading “Monkey business on The Rock”

The curious case of Gibraltar

Time for the holiday shuffle again. We originally booked an October trip to the Paris Motor Show but that went down the plughole months ago. A short break in Sardinia was the next option, and then Italy introduced testing for UK visitors – too much hassle. Just take me anywhere in Europe, says the husband,Continue reading “The curious case of Gibraltar”

Heading South…as far as West Sussex

We’re on our way to the coast, doggy friends in tow. This wasn’t what we planned, but flexibility is key in 2020. First we booked Ibiza, then Crete, then Porto, I’d started to lose track. Last week our hotel closed due to COVID and our dog sitter went into isolation for two weeks. I acceptedContinue reading “Heading South…as far as West Sussex”

Travels in the North – Yarm

It’s the last leg of our road trip, and we’re heading south, leaving Northumberland behind and driving down to Yorkshire. On the way, there’s something I want to see. The Angel of the North, designed by Anthony Gormley, stands 20 metres high and 54 metres wide just off the A1 in Gateshead. It’s hard toContinue reading “Travels in the North – Yarm”

Travels in the North – Northumberland

The emptiest part of England, Northumberland is the place to escape if you’re not that keen on people, so I’m surprised the husband hasn’t brought me here before now. There are only 62 inhabitants per square kilometre here, compared with an average of 275 for the UK as a whole. It’s renowned for being desolateContinue reading “Travels in the North – Northumberland”

Travels in the North – Stockbridge

There’s always something new to discover in any great city, so we’re making the trek up to Edinburgh again with high hopes. However, we arrive feeling grumpy – the rain has been biblical all morning, making our scenic coastal drive a total washout. The most entertaining part of the journey is gaping at the hordesContinue reading “Travels in the North – Stockbridge”

Travels in the North – Durham

The city of Durham in the North of England is renowned for its Norman castle and cathedral, standing high and proud above a loop in the River Wear in County Durham, the Land of the Prince Bishops. It’s also where I went to university to study French and German, more years ago than I likeContinue reading “Travels in the North – Durham”

Travels in my neighbourhood: Reading

Reading is one of those under-the-radar places. It’s the county town of Berkshire and our nearest big conurbation, but we don’t seem to go there very often. It’s perfectly pleasant, just unexciting and ordinary. Unfortunately, on 20 June this year it hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. On a Friday evening in theContinue reading “Travels in my neighbourhood: Reading”