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Monkey business on The Rock

No, I’m not blogging about Dwayne Johnson. It’s day two of our Gibraltar trip and I’m just itching to see those monkeys who’ve made their home up on the Rock! Even from our perch high above the town it’s obviously going to be a long hike to the top. We fuel up on nice, creamyContinue reading “Monkey business on The Rock”

The curious case of Gibraltar

Time for the holiday shuffle again. We originally booked an October trip to the Paris Motor Show but that went down the plughole months ago. A short break in Sardinia was the next option, and then Italy introduced testing for UK visitors – too much hassle. Just take me anywhere in Europe, says the husband,Continue reading “The curious case of Gibraltar”

Come walk with me at Sandal Castle

If you’re anything like me, you probably take for granted the place you grew up. Everything is so familiar that you just stop being curious about it. When you were younger you couldn’t wait to escape to somewhere more glamorous. Well, the phrase familiarity breeds contempt dates back to the works of Chaucer in 1386,Continue reading “Come walk with me at Sandal Castle”

Silchester – city of my dreams

Oh dear, I’m really getting obsessed with this blogging lark. Recently, I had a dream about a Roman city close to home. I had no idea where it was but it was vital that I go there. Obviously, when I woke up I frantically Googled to see if my dream had any substance, and thereContinue reading “Silchester – city of my dreams”

More than just bikes in Girona

We went to a Spanish restaurant this week and it made me long for the currently forbidden pleasure of nibbling tapas with sangria in the Spanish sun. As the days get shorter it’s a perfect time to visit EspaƱa and feast on padron peppers. Let’s go back to the golden days of Autumn 2019 whenContinue reading “More than just bikes in Girona”

A Victorian break on the Isle of Wight – Part 2

The Coastal Path is calling me. I love the romance of setting off on a long walk and not knowing what you’ll encounter along the way. As Bilbo Baggins said, it’s a dangerous business going out your door, you never know where you’ll be swept off to. But I doubt we’ll hit much danger today,Continue reading “A Victorian break on the Isle of Wight – Part 2”

A Victorian break on the Isle of Wight – Part 1

The Isle of Wight became a fashionable holiday destination back in the 19th century. Queen Victoria had happy memories of childhood breaks, so she built a home in East Cowes, Osborne House, and started to take her own family there. The travelling public followed – if it was good enough for Her Majesty… We’ve neverContinue reading “A Victorian break on the Isle of Wight – Part 1”

A date with Shakespeare in Stratford

One of the great things about middle age is that it’s no longer necessary make any attempt towards coolness. I can happily admit that I’m a Shakespeare fan – it’s quite OK to be a geek at my age. To celebrate this situation, I’m heading to Stratford-upon-Avon for the first time today to indulge myselfContinue reading “A date with Shakespeare in Stratford”

Heading South…as far as West Sussex

We’re on our way to the coast, doggy friends in tow. This wasn’t what we planned, but flexibility is key in 2020. First we booked Ibiza, then Crete, then Porto, I’d started to lose track. Last week our hotel closed due to COVID and our dog sitter went into isolation for two weeks. I acceptedContinue reading “Heading South…as far as West Sussex”

Spending the day as a Chelsea Girl

Who remembers Chelsea Girl? Growing up in Yorkshire in the 80s, it was the place to shop for fashion conscious teenagers. The first UK boutique chain was launched in 1965 by the Lewis brothers, four Eastenders who were building an empire of shops called Lewis Separates, but realised they needed a name with more pizazzContinue reading “Spending the day as a Chelsea Girl”