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Escape to Burley – puddles, ponies and pigs.

It’s the end of lockdown (again) and we desperately need a change of scenery. But can we actually go on the New Forest trip we booked in long ago pre-covid times? Yes, we’re allowed to travel. Yes, the hotel is re-opening. The weather forecast isn’t great, but this is December in the UK after all.Continue reading “Escape to Burley – puddles, ponies and pigs.”


Salisbury loves Lizzie

Today I’m heading to Wiltshire, to the medieval cathedral city of Salisbury. Believed by many to be the loveliest town in Britain, it hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in September 2018, with the Novichok poisonings of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. Are you sure it’s safe? asks the husband, proof that mud sticksContinue reading “Salisbury loves Lizzie”

Heading South…as far as West Sussex

We’re on our way to the coast, doggy friends in tow. This wasn’t what we planned, but flexibility is key in 2020. First we booked Ibiza, then Crete, then Porto, I’d started to lose track. Last week our hotel closed due to COVID and our dog sitter went into isolation for two weeks. I acceptedContinue reading “Heading South…as far as West Sussex”

Come walk with me to Dorchester-on-Thames

It’s walking time again while the UK weather holds out. Today I’m back on the glorious Thames Path, exploring a new stretch of my favourite walkway along our most famous river. I’m going from Benson to Dorchester on Thames, a distance of around 4 miles, but unfortunately as I don’t have a chauffeur I’ll thenContinue reading “Come walk with me to Dorchester-on-Thames”

A shopping trip to post-lockdown London

The husband wants to go shopping in the Big Smoke. Normally I would groan and try to wriggle out of accompanying him. Today, after our recent trip to a very quiet Palermo, I feel that I should go and assess how things are going in London in the wake of coronavirus. The train to PaddingtonContinue reading “A shopping trip to post-lockdown London”

Travels in my neighbourhood: Henley on Thames

I decided to write a blog about Henley because I drove there spontaneously on a sunny afternoon and was so heartened to find it was busy despite the pandemic. After visiting Windsor recently and finding it dead on its feet, I felt a huge sense of relief. Yes, we all want to stay safe, butContinue reading “Travels in my neighbourhood: Henley on Thames”

Travels in my neighbourhood: Windsor & Eton

Today I’m just down the road from home in the twin towns of Windsor and Eton, joined by a bridge over the Thames. Both are pretty famous – one has the most renowned castle and the other the most well-known school in the UK, if not the world. I’ve been here many times before, butContinue reading “Travels in my neighbourhood: Windsor & Eton”

The most anticipated trip of the year – to the pub!

I know I am pushing it, writing a travel blog based around going to my local, but after lockdown it seems as exciting as a journey to the moon. Lots of people I know are not keen on heading out during this first weekend of legal indoor socialising, and I get that. But for us,Continue reading “The most anticipated trip of the year – to the pub!”