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My favourite places: The Loire Valley

After losing our beloved Golden Retriever, Henry, just before Christmas, I wanted to write about somewhere we travelled with him. He enjoyed the Loire Valley as much as us, because it’s just so dog friendly – yet another reason to love this part of France. You’ve also got the wines, the landscapes, the chateaux, theContinue reading “My favourite places: The Loire Valley”

Behind the turrets of Tallinn

After the non-event that was Christmas, missing out on our annual end of December trip away was a bitter pill to swallow. With no prospect of travel for some time to come, it’s back to the archives again if I want to blog at all. So today I’m heading back to December 2018 and theContinue reading “Behind the turrets of Tallinn”

More than just bikes in Girona

We went to a Spanish restaurant this week and it made me long for the currently forbidden pleasure of nibbling tapas with sangria in the Spanish sun. As the days get shorter it’s a perfect time to visit EspaƱa and feast on padron peppers. Let’s go back to the golden days of Autumn 2019 whenContinue reading “More than just bikes in Girona”

A Victorian break on the Isle of Wight – Part 2

The Coastal Path is calling me. I love the romance of setting off on a long walk and not knowing what you’ll encounter along the way. As Bilbo Baggins said, it’s a dangerous business going out your door, you never know where you’ll be swept off to. But I doubt we’ll hit much danger today,Continue reading “A Victorian break on the Isle of Wight – Part 2”

A Victorian break on the Isle of Wight – Part 1

The Isle of Wight became a fashionable holiday destination back in the 19th century. Queen Victoria had happy memories of childhood breaks, so she built a home in East Cowes, Osborne House, and started to take her own family there. The travelling public followed – if it was good enough for Her Majesty… We’ve neverContinue reading “A Victorian break on the Isle of Wight – Part 1”

Heading South…as far as West Sussex

We’re on our way to the coast, doggy friends in tow. This wasn’t what we planned, but flexibility is key in 2020. First we booked Ibiza, then Crete, then Porto, I’d started to lose track. Last week our hotel closed due to COVID and our dog sitter went into isolation for two weeks. I acceptedContinue reading “Heading South…as far as West Sussex”

Boring, moi? Geneva fights back!

Geneva, Switzerland’s second city, is known as a hub of worldwide diplomacy and banking. Added to the fact that it’s in Switzerland, which has a reputation fot being a bit, well, unexciting. And rich, therefore expensive. So basically, not very enticing in terms of a weekend break. However, I’ve been to Lucerne before and wasContinue reading “Boring, moi? Geneva fights back!”

Travels in the North – Northumberland

The emptiest part of England, Northumberland is the place to escape if you’re not that keen on people, so I’m surprised the husband hasn’t brought me here before now. There are only 62 inhabitants per square kilometre here, compared with an average of 275 for the UK as a whole. It’s renowned for being desolateContinue reading “Travels in the North – Northumberland”

Travels in the North – Berwick

The English and the Scots fought for centuries over Berwick-upon-Tweed, so I figure it has to be worth a visit. The northernmost town in England sits in a strategic position where the River Tweed meets the sea. Berwick’s role as a border fortress led to enormous sums being spent on fortifications during the reign ofContinue reading “Travels in the North – Berwick”

Travels in the North – Stockbridge

There’s always something new to discover in any great city, so we’re making the trek up to Edinburgh again with high hopes. However, we arrive feeling grumpy – the rain has been biblical all morning, making our scenic coastal drive a total washout. The most entertaining part of the journey is gaping at the hordesContinue reading “Travels in the North – Stockbridge”