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My madeleine moment – one pierogi and I’m back in Poland

Have you read ‘In Search of Lost Time’ by Marcel Proust? Don’t worry if you haven’t, you’re not alone. It’s a biggie – 4,215 pages, over a million words. Quite an undertaking. I doubt if I will read it twice. It’s the French version of War and Peace. But I do love the idea ofContinue reading “My madeleine moment – one pierogi and I’m back in Poland”


Why France will always top my holiday list

My love affair with France started at school on the French Exchange. It was the 80s. People didn’t travel as often or as widely as they do now, so it was much more exciting. We drank egg-stinky water in Vichy, went up the Puy de Dôme volcano, visited chateaux, climbed the Eiffel Tower. My bestContinue reading “Why France will always top my holiday list”

Travels in my neighbourhood: The River Thames

I honestly do believe that adventure is right outside your front door. You just have to switch off the telly and go and find it. You might not even have to go very far. I’m lucky enough to have the amazing Thames Path just down the road from where I live. In around 10 minutesContinue reading “Travels in my neighbourhood: The River Thames”

Make it a win-win situation, or how I got to Jerusalem

Got a partner who’s not quite as obsessed with travel as you are? Me too. Don’t get me wrong, the husband likes to travel. He just doesn’t have the constant urge that I have to be on the move. He enjoys weekends chilling at home. I get twitchy. Every so often he declares, ‘This isContinue reading “Make it a win-win situation, or how I got to Jerusalem”

I work at an airport – dream job?

Yes and no. It might seem like the perfect place for a travel nut to work, but it’s both inspiration and torture on a daily basis. We’d just moved back to the UK from Brisbane when Tony saw the ad. ‘They’re hiring at Heathrow, you’ve got to check it out’. Seven years later…obviously there areContinue reading “I work at an airport – dream job?”

Seriously? You waited almost half a century to visit Athens?

I’m ashamed to say it’s true. As a self proclaimed travel addict and history buff, it should have been top of my list. The best excuse I can come up with is that I spent over a decade on the other side of the world, with other wonders on my doorstep. But when I finallyContinue reading “Seriously? You waited almost half a century to visit Athens?”