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Come walk with me in Wallingford

Heard of Wallingford? Probably not, but in the Domesday Book of 1085 it was named as one of only 18 towns in the country with more than 2,000 inhabitants. Wallingford was BIG in the middle ages. Founded in the 9th century at the lowest point of the Thames, a natural fording place, it still hasContinue reading “Come walk with me in Wallingford”

Come walk with me to Dorchester-on-Thames

It’s walking time again while the UK weather holds out. Today I’m back on the glorious Thames Path, exploring a new stretch of my favourite walkway along our most famous river. I’m going from Benson to Dorchester on Thames, a distance of around 4 miles, but unfortunately as I don’t have a chauffeur I’ll thenContinue reading “Come walk with me to Dorchester-on-Thames”

Travels in my neighbourhood: Henley on Thames

I decided to write a blog about Henley because I drove there spontaneously on a sunny afternoon and was so heartened to find it was busy despite the pandemic. After visiting Windsor recently and finding it dead on its feet, I felt a huge sense of relief. Yes, we all want to stay safe, butContinue reading “Travels in my neighbourhood: Henley on Thames”

Travels in my neighbourhood: Reading

Reading is one of those under-the-radar places. It’s the county town of Berkshire and our nearest big conurbation, but we don’t seem to go there very often. It’s perfectly pleasant, just unexciting and ordinary. Unfortunately, on 20 June this year it hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. On a Friday evening in theContinue reading “Travels in my neighbourhood: Reading”

The house that Wolsey built (and Henry took)

Today I’m visiting Hampton Court Palace. I’m in the middle of the final book of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall trilogy, set at the Court of King Henry VIII, so it seems an appropriate time to soak up some period atmosphere at the royal residence that’s best known as his favourite home. There has been aContinue reading “The house that Wolsey built (and Henry took)”

Come walk with me in Dorney

For this post I’ve driven just a few miles down the road to the historic village of Dorney. The main thing you notice when you arrive is the lovely common at the heart of the village, used for grazing and with views to Windsor Castle. It’s a great place to start a walk. Off weContinue reading “Come walk with me in Dorney”

Battersea – giving dogs a home for 160 years

So today I’m back in the Big Smoke for a walk, lured by the promise of an Aperol Spritz with friends at the end of it. Go on, twist my arm then! I’m in Battersea, just 3 miles southwest of the City, on the banks of the Thames. Originally a fishing village, then an agriculturalContinue reading “Battersea – giving dogs a home for 160 years”

An exclusive promenade in Richmond

It’s another warm weekend (yes another one, I’ve almost forgotten that I live in the UK recently), so we decide to get in the car and drive to outer London again. Why have we never done this before? Apparently it’s because of my holiday ‘obsession’. We decide on Richmond this time around – the WestContinue reading “An exclusive promenade in Richmond”

Come walk with me to Bray and back

Today I’m continuing my strategy of blogging about what’s close to home. What else can you do during lockdown? We’re back on The Green Way, but heading south this time, towards the village of Bray. You might have heard of it – it’s otherwise known as Heston’s Kingdom! Bray is not the kind of placeContinue reading “Come walk with me to Bray and back”

Come walk with me…part 2

I’m trying very hard to keep on blogging throughout lockdown. My strategy is to share with you some of the glorious countryside close to where I live in Berkshire, which makes walking and running a joy regardless of what’s going on in the news. For today’s walk, we’re starting at Cookham Moor and heading throughContinue reading “Come walk with me…part 2”