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A walking circuit around Corfu Town

I’m back in Corfu Town to finish off our trip. Waking up to another beautiful day, the husband would be quite happy to sit outside a taverna soaking up the sun and people watching. It’s not going to happen, obviously. I have a list of things to see, so we’d better get walking. After breakfast,Continue reading “A walking circuit around Corfu Town”

Come walk with me at Sandal Castle

If you’re anything like me, you probably take for granted the place you grew up. Everything is so familiar that you just stop being curious about it. When you were younger you couldn’t wait to escape to somewhere more glamorous. Well, the phrase familiarity breeds contempt dates back to the works of Chaucer in 1386,Continue reading “Come walk with me at Sandal Castle”

A date with Shakespeare in Stratford

One of the great things about middle age is that it’s no longer necessary make any attempt towards coolness. I can happily admit that I’m a Shakespeare fan – it’s quite OK to be a geek at my age. To celebrate this situation, I’m heading to Stratford-upon-Avon for the first time today to indulge myselfContinue reading “A date with Shakespeare in Stratford”

Edinburgh: A tale of two cities

If you haven’t been to Edinburgh yet, why not? It’s gorgeous. A beautiful city brimming with history, atmosphere and fun-loving locals. But you may not be aware that it actually feels like two separate towns facing each other across the green ravine of the Princes Street Gardens. The Old Town to the south is aContinue reading “Edinburgh: A tale of two cities”