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Corfu – as good as Gerald said it was

We’re heading to Greece, hurrah! This is a sneaky extra trip, just because. It’s been a rubbish year and we’re desperate for some Autumn sunshine and cheer. And why Corfu? Haven’t you read Gerald Durrell’s books, about his island childhood? My Family & Other Animals is such a great title, especially if you were broughtContinue reading “Corfu – as good as Gerald said it was”

Monkey business on The Rock

No, I’m not blogging about Dwayne Johnson. It’s day two of our Gibraltar trip and I’m just itching to see those monkeys who’ve made their home up on the Rock! Even from our perch high above the town it’s obviously going to be a long hike to the top. We fuel up on nice, creamyContinue reading “Monkey business on The Rock”

At last I’ve got my wings back, but how do they feel?

Finally the day has arrived, after what seems like the longest wait ever (first world problem, I know), I’m at Heathrow Terminal 5 ready to take my first post-lockdown flight. Straightaway there’s a difference – I’m so excited! After three cancelled trips in the last few months, I can’t wait to start travelling again. SoContinue reading “At last I’ve got my wings back, but how do they feel?”

The joys of flying…are those days over?

Flying has been on my mind a lot lately. As in, when can I? And what will flying be like in a world with COVID19? I’ve always loved flying. When I was younger, we’d fly to Mallorca or Malta every year, and the whole thing felt like a huge adventure. In reality, it must haveContinue reading “The joys of flying…are those days over?”

I work at an airport – dream job?

Yes and no. It might seem like the perfect place for a travel nut to work, but it’s both inspiration and torture on a daily basis. We’d just moved back to the UK from Brisbane when Tony saw the ad. ‘They’re hiring at Heathrow, you’ve got to check it out’. Seven years later…obviously there areContinue reading “I work at an airport – dream job?”